Thank You

We just want to say thanks to everyone that has helped out with the production of of our cassette. Yes! We did in fact make a cassette. They are being used exclusively as a promo item. If your lucky enough to catch Christopher R. Mihm on the convention circuit you might get lucky (supply is extremely limited). But, don’t fret we have distributed a stupid amount of download cards across the Midwest and East coast.

Oh, and if your a bit confused about why we would make cassettes… this is for you:Robin rocks cassettes

work work work

Thanks for visiting the site. We are adding things regularly. Check out the Store, and the Free Ringtones.

We are super busy Mixing, Writing, Recording, and many many other awesome things that will hopefully be released throughout the year. Visit us on Facebook! in the meantime.


We just added some ring tones. As of right now you will have to download then install into your phone. We will have a service that will send it directly to your phone up and running soon enough. In the meantime enjoy the tune in the Store.