Noir 13, Halloween, and Night Hobs Demo’s.

dreams before halloween

Cheers Everyone. We have a few announcements to make. We have been slaving away this past year writing and recording some songs with a good friend and poet, Jim.

The recording is our first attempt at keeping the entire process in-house… literally! We recorded countless live sessions and individual tracks in several rooms of the house. The acoustic format and the comfortable setting of the living room made this an enjoyable experience without the rigorous time restraints of an actual studio. Of course there is a trade off. Doing it on our own means we made mistakes along the way. We kept at it till we were able to deliver a final product that we are all proud of. So with out further ado, below is your Free copy of our latest creation, Noir 13:

Full Album Download:
Noir 13 – Closure

In other awesome news The Night Hobs will be playing a Halloween Bash with The Coffin Daggers on November 2nd. Don’t fret, if you weren’t invited, we will be capturing film and audio of the set for future release on the web.

And, as always… we continue to demo. We have a few new songs and some awesome covers that we are working on.


– The Night Hobs